29 January 2008

Dude (In This Case, An Admonitory Dude As In, Dude, You Are Way Overthinking These Ads, Dude)

Dude at Slate waxes rhapsodic regarding those "Dude" ads Bud Light is running currently.


bill said...

I'm been trying to remember the comedian who did this routine back in the early-mid 90s. I've read claims it was Rob Schneider or Jake Johannsen, but I'm thinking of someone else. Skinny white guy, wearing a ski cap and I think he might have claimed to be a "hip hop" comic, though most likely sarcastically. He was all over the Comedy Channel clip shows, then suddenly showed up looking extremely gaunt and sick. Haven't seen him in years.

Pastor_Jeff said...

Dude's gotta make a livin'.