01 January 2008

Comment of the Year

Well, given the year is one day old, it's really just comment of they day so far, but that doesn't mean it's not a good one:
I think the open secret phenomenon is the only explanation for why a fully-operation, planet-destroying Death Star could possibly have such an obvious design flaw that would allow a single shot to cause a chain reaction that would destroy the entire Death Star. I'm sure some contractors knew it was a problem but were afraid to go to Darth and tell him. But they definitely talked about it around the water cooler.

It's in reference to this post (via the usual) by Wretchard at Belmont Club comparing the behavior of the Canadian Human Rights establishment with regards to Mark Steyn's continued refusal to ignore the problems presented by Islamists, and the San Francisco Zoo and their past knowledge of the serious problems with their tiger enclosure.

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