20 January 2008

Clinton Cartoon From the UK (One With Which I Can Agree)

From TimesOnline (London Version of the Times) Comment Cartoon section, the above cartoon. Interesting perspective on our election from across the Atlantic, I suppose.

First, the artist does seem to match the comportment and dignity Pres. Clinton has shown as an ex-president during this campaign (in other words, redfaced, and pants heading towards ankles). Secondly, Morland captures the essence of Sen. Clinton's charming voice and political viewpoints in remaking her one of them homicidal, totalitarian pepperpots. Plus Morland manages to convey the complicated psychodrama of the twisted interpersonal relationship that most people sense as happening between these two political figures.

I doubt I agree with any of Morland's other political views, but as a fan of Dr. Who, and an unfan of both the Clintons, I can definitely agree with this cartoon (at least, once I looked up what the hell the word "expiate" meant).

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