27 January 2008

Bringing Back the 70s One Bad Idea at a Time . . .

. . . are 100% polyester leisure suits far behind? Parapsychology might be making a comeback. Add to that the recent proliferation of UFO shows on cable TV, and it seems that all the bad silliness from the unskeptical 70s is making an ill-advised comeback.

Leonard Nimoy is still around, is a whole new batch of "In Search of..."s far behind?

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reader_iam said...

Chalk it up to a cheesy sixth sense, but can a resurgent admiration for Gary Collins and, by extension (because I remember), Mary Ann Mobley be far behind?

(Well, I already think both those people have already been channeled, and re-channeled, and for quite a while now, but that's a whole different subject, for a whole different day. If ever.)