07 January 2008

Ahhhhhh Yeaaahhhhh!! Or Uh, Yeah?!?

So are you all like, Ahhhhhh Yeahhhhhh!! at the impending release of the Lasonic i931 iPod Boombox (aka Ghetto Blaster).

Or are you all like uh, yeah? Just don't sit next to me on the subway with this thing.

If boomers can continue to get all nostalgic for stuff from 1968, then why shouldn't folks my age and younger relive 1986?

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Pastor_Jeff said...

1986? Man, I thought ghetto blasters were like 1982-ish.

True confessions - I had a portable 8-track "boombox" (mono output) in junior high, ca. 1980. I believe I bought it at an OTASCO store (Oklahoma Tire & Supply Company), sort of a much-smaller Sears with only hard goods.