10 December 2007

That Paragraph is Looking Less Far-Fetched Compared to When I Wrote It in July . . .

Here's an AP Video (with annoying ad before video starts) report of the O&O show. From this immodest blog many months ago, a throwaway paragraph in a post about something else...

When Oprah is President Obama's Vice President (you know the O&O ticket makes sense, don't you?), I'll bet she does things that would make even Cheney blush. I also bet there won't be a single lawsuit brought against her by some petty bureaucrat fearful of her secretive ways.

Did I know back then that Oprah would publicly campaign with Obama back then?

She had mentioned she backed Obama back in May, but that's very different from actually stumping with him.

Would she give up her day job to run for VP?

And those folks who set up the Oprah/Obama08 site on cafepress must be doing great lately.

All this talk about whether or not The Oprah can help Sen. Obama in the Democratic primaries is just talk. Of course support coming from Her Most High and Holy Oprahness counts for alot amongst a lot of voters (especially in the Dem primaries).

Is this just a sister trying to help a brother out? Or is there a quid pro quo thing going on (as in VP Winfrey)?

Although if somehow a Obama/Winfrey ticket were to actually win, I'd be worried about some crazed Oprah fan getting too impatient with regards to a hoped for Winfrey presidency. I'd watch my back if I were Pres. Obama.

(and when you see "Pres. Obama" in type or hear it in your mind, it seems such an unlikely last name for an American president, same with Dukakis, he was defeated by his name alone (and his old school left liberal policies which were way out of step with the majority of American voters))

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