05 December 2007

Random Bloggeriness . . .

Some random non-sport related thoughts (this hasn't become a sports blog, just seems like it), for no reason in particular presented as bullet points.

  • Yes, I'd hit that (pardon the vulgarity, but that would seem to be the consensus amongst straight males when confronted with the photos in question).
  • So Iran stopped actively pursuing a nuclear weapons program around the same time we invaded Iraq, but those on the left are insistent that it was European finger wagging and tut-tutting that lead to the Iranian reversal and not US military might. A mostly infuriating discussion on the matter can be heard on this edition of To the Point, Victor Davis Hanson can be heard briefly, while a slightly more fleshed out version of his thoughts can be found on his website. The host of To the Point, Warren Olney, likes to pretend to be unbiased, but conservative commenters tend to get short shrift and the received wisdom of liberal MSM-land rarely challenged and is often presented as accepted facts, even when the 'facts' aren't facts. How Hanson is handled in the linked program is one example if you pay attention.
  • Surfers are crazy, though once every few decades high surf in the area is an awe inspiring sight.
  • The Futurama direct to DVD film, Bender's Big Score (really 4 episodes strung together to be shown on Comedy Central next year) is a huge disappointment. Call backs in TV shows are a time honored tradition and are, in moderation, a way of rewarding fans. But when you construct an entire 4 episode story arc that amounts to one call back after another, it feels like a clip show rather than new material. Rather than rewarding longtime fans, you're just boring them with stuff they already know. Also, I hate, hate, hate time travel as a story hook. It's always a bad idea.
  • I was in a Best Buy in the morning and they just received a shipment of Wiis when I walked in, the rush to pick them up was impressive and shocking. It's the 'hot' present again this Christmas despite being out for better than a year. Who knew "fun" beats "graphics" as a selling point for a gaming console (and a lower price helps). I blame Nuts and their topless birds playing Wii clips (a safe for work Gizmodo link to the NSFW clips at the link).
  • I upgraded my phone and got one of those silly bluetooth headsets in anticipation of the new Hands-Free mandate for CA drivers that goes into effect next year (the law doesn't go into effect till July 2008) so I might as well get used to looking like a total douchebag. I pledge here to not yell loudly into my headset while walking through the supermarket, or sitting next to you in a restaurant, or while waiting to order at a coffeehouse, or while using a urinal. All bets are off if I find myself near Larry David, I'd pretend to have a loud and bizarre conversation just to see if he'd really do what he did on his show.
  • Are you making a list for Festivus, and are you checking it twice?


bill said...

And could you turn it off, or maybe even take it off, when watching a movie. High on the list of annoyances is the guy in front of me with the bright blue glow on the side of his head.

Go ahead and use it in the public crapper, though. That battle is already lost.

Icepick said...

I agree completely with your first point, X.