27 December 2007

Pointing Out Podcasts (and Not Making Them)

One of these days, maybe I'll get around to podcasting, but today's not one of them. Just don't like what my voice sounds like recorded. Whatever 'voice' you here when you read my text is probably better than my actual voice, so I prefer to leave it that way.

But others aren't so reluctant about adding their voices onto the internet, and those little 'casts are often interesting listens.

Two good ones from this week are to be found at Pajamas Media and ESPN.

First up, the Glenn and Helen (aka Instapundit and Dr Helen) do their podcast interview thing, and as always, they do it well. Johah Goldberg is pushing his provocative new book, Liberal Fascism, and hearing them interview him regarding his tome is rather entertaining. They also discuss the ongoing (and perpetual) presidential campaign and speak about Sen. Clinton and Gov. Huckabee in particular.
[direct link to the 22.3mb mp3 here]

Jumping to a completely different subject, My Nemesis Bill Simmons™ interviews his buddy Jimmy Kimmel on the BS Report for 12/26. Jimmy has some interesting things to say on the ongoing writers' strike, and the incoherence of the Spinks brothers. Also, there's football stuff with Cousin Sal as they hash out their weekly 'guess the spread' chat. Jimmy Kimmel will probably be the best host sans writers. He always gives the impression of actually listening to the people he's talking to, and when his subject is engaged, he can be very engaging right back. Letterman has flashes of fiestiness, but mostly he's just bored, and Leno with writers comes across as unprepared and just killing time, so Leno with writers might end up being like watching a slow motion train wreck. Conan, on the other hand, will probably just wiggle, dance, and mug at the camera for 35+ minutes a night, make odd noises for another 6-8 minutes, and chat with one guest. They're all coming back next week, it'll be worth tuning in (or DVR-ing, given the hour they are on) for the first few shows, anyway.
[direct link to the 11.2mb mp3 here]

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