14 December 2007

Lazy Like a Fox . . .

That's ol' Fred Thompson, he's a sly ol' dog who the media seems determined to downplay at every opportunity. Will GOP voters do the same? I think not, for one, GOP voters aren't particularly interested in what most of the media has to say, so their ability to influence us into picking a moralizing, prissy, big government Southern Governor who is very reminiscent of a certain peanut lovin' Governor who shall remain nameless as per the policy of this blog, is far less than they might think.

The love being shown towards Gov. Huckabee by the media is a transparent attempt to try and manipulate the GOP into nominating the one candidate who would lose to any of the potential Democratic candidates, and even if by some gawdawful circumstance he became President, would work with the Dems in Congress to pass every bit of nanny-state legislation that their fevered dreams can come up with.

Nope, a real Federalist, a real Republican, and a real Southerner like Sen. Fred Thompson scares the bejeebus out of media types, so best to do everything in their power now to prop up a joke of a candidate like Gov. Huckabee.

Likewise, the threat posed by a GOP willing to nominate a Northern socially liberal yet financially conservative and hawkish on defense candidate like Mayor Giuliani is equally anathema to the folks in the news business. Rudy would eat Hillary for lunch, and ask for more. Likewise, if Obama ends up being the Democratic standard bearer, Rudy would kill him in direct debates, and would force the Dems to spend money in states they would normally take for granted.

The Dems best bet for the White House is a GOP that nominates a moralizing, preaching, big government nanny stater like Gov. Huckabee. We can't let that happen, even Sen. McCain would make a better candidate than Huckabee.

I'd be thrilled if Sen. Thompson continues to build towards the nomination (despite what the press says, he still has a strong chance of winning), I'd be happy if Giuliani manages to maintain his front-runner status all the way to the convention (he'd be an excellent candidate, and great President), and even Romney has his charms and would no doubt run an able campaign and handle the office well. The GOP has three strong candidates who would give either Hillary or Obama fits in the general election, which is why the media seems intent on pushing the "Huckaboom" so intently.

Huckabee is a joke, a bad one, and if he gets the nomination, say hello to Pres. Clinton or Pres. Obama. We need another "Man from Hope" like we need a return to the glory days of the late 70s. Pres. Huckabee is something that should never happen, he'd be the wrong man at any time in our history, but the next 4-8 years are critical, and he'd be wrong on every level to overcome the challenges we face.


Pastor_Jeff said...

I think the press will play up Huckabee for the reasons you've mentioned -- plus, he makes a good story. Well, he makes the campaign more interesting, anyway, so they'll focus on Huckabee like they did with McCain and the "Straight Talk Express" in whenever it was (2000?). He's not a frontrunner, so it also allows them to push a "GOP in disarray" narrative.

This campaign has been going on for a year already, and they've got to fill those airwaves and pages with something, anything, other than substance and issues.

I'd like to see what Rudy or Fred would do with a "Boxers or briefs?" question.

Icepick said...

Jeff, there's only one correct answer to that question: "Commando."