08 December 2007

It Sounds Like an Educational Excursion, but Internet Porn is A LOT Cheaper . . .

After posting the pic of Fragonard's The Swing, I swore I've seen this in person, but upon learning that it's part of the Wallace Collection, I doubt this is true (I've never been to London, unlike Puss n' Boots).

Visiting the website for The Wallace Collection, I happened upon today's event:

Price: £22.00
Ages: All Ages
Lecturer: Alison Kusner
Spend the day studying the human form and how it has been portrayed by artists such as Titian and Boucher in the Renaissance and the Rococo periods. Sketch in the galleries in the morning looking at how different artists have tackled the naked human form, then draw from life in the afternoon. With artist and lecturer Alison Kusner.

For over $40, I'd expect more than a bit of 'life drawing' if you know what I mean . . .

Could you push this as an "All Ages" event in the USA?

Will Alison be lecturing in the nude?

I'm going high-brow with this site, can you tell?

(trying to keep the riff raff out)

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