15 November 2007

Where's The Feet?!?

While digging around the message boards during today's Woot! OFF (wiki has an extensive page describing the arcana of the Woot! community), I see the phrase, "Where's The Feet" come up from time to time. The clever, clever (childish) community of Woot! users have taken to creating phrases to represent certain popular internet acronyms. I'll give you a few guesses as to what "Where's The Feet" means.

It's been a long wait all day for the "Bandolier of Carrots" to show up (aka Bag of Crap).

One day, I will get in and order 3 bags of crap, but so far no luck.

But, that has nothing to do with this post, that's just prologue, the "Where's The Feet" moment for me today comes from watching the Democratic Debate.

Too much sound and fury signifying nothing. What's scarier, is that their sound and fury might actually signify something. If they mean what they say, and do what they claim they want to do when elected, then we're all FUBAR'd.

It's not just partisanship, I swear, it's that so much of their rhetoric is about bad mouthing the United States, bad mouthing individual freedoms, and bad mouthing free trade. I know they'll claim that their highlighting the excesses of the Bush Administration alone, but they use the same language and tactics as all the other America haters, and much of what they complain about isn't specific to the past 6+ years.

Mr. Blitzer is a horrid moderator, also. He's not making any serious attempt to get these folks to answer a damn question, instead he's allowing the talking points to flow like so much white noise.

There's got to be a better way for candidates to highlight the differences between themselves and communicate that to voters. Cause this crap isn't helpful.


I hit publish too soon. I'm thinking "where's the feet" with relation to a mother parading around her marine son to ask her stilted 'the conservatives are beating the drums of war on Iran' question. What's the deal with Dems always portraying troops as children? He's a grown assed man, clearly, he doesn't need his mother to speak for him. And no conditions attached dialog with crazed dictators has ever worked in the past (unless there's a threat of a big stick backing it up), why should it work with regards to the mullahs and their mad President in Iran? If the Democratic party succeeds in taking away the stick, no amount of carrots will move Iran away from the brink of destablizing the region and continuing their ongoing pursuit of WMD. This issue is way too important for this mealy-mouthed crap. Kudos to Sen. Clinton as being the only Dem in this group to vote with the resolution declaring the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group, and shame on her for pandering to the peaceniks by suggesting that all it will take is 'dialog' to solve this problem. We need to do everything we can to undermine the mullahocracy, the people of Iran are sick of the corruption, sick of being the enemy of the rest of the world, and sick of the religious police, but they aren't sick enough yet to risk their lives in large numbers. We have to do whatever we can to push the people of Iran towards a "counter-revolution" and topple their current leaders. Chatting with those leaders won't help that cause.


Pastor_Jeff said...

No comment on the political angle, but I was in WootOff mode today, too. The servers were down for a while and when they came back up I could see the site but not buy anything or check my account. So in going through the blog for any helpful insights, I ran across "bandolier of carrots" and "bathysphere of curmudgeons," as well as "where's the feet" all for the first time.

Weird coincidence.

bill said...

I guess aother piece of pop culture has passed me by. I was unaware of this woot thing and I'm not sure I get it.