05 November 2007

Three Things . . .

. . . to note about this incident as reported by Defamer.

First, the local TV news, and the local newsrag with its heavily declining readership, are decidedly pro-union and anti-producers, which is unsurprising, given that media is a heavily unionized industry in of itself (plus they hate their corporate paymasters, sort of like rebellious teenagers, sulking around spending their parent's money).

Second, don't mess with Element drivers, we don't take crap from nobody.

Third, it's funny because it's true:
I drove past that lot this morning and what's sad is there were only eight writers picketing at that gate at 9:30.
I assume the writers for Heroes are still in hiding.

(Heroes has been awful, yet I haven't given up on it yet, hope springs eternal...)

I hope the person hit wasn't seriously injured, and I hope the person doing the hitting didn't do it on purpose as one of the eyewitnesses is proclaiming loudly to anybody with a camera and a microphone. Picketers who block access to workplaces are assuming a risk, and should act accordingly, doesn't mean they have a right to be assaulted, but they also don't have the right to prevent people from exercising their right to ignore their work action.

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Icepick said...

Heroes has been awful in parts, but some of it has been fun. As usual, the stuff with Hiro and Ando has been entertaining. And it has been good to see HRG getting medieval on people again. (A bad guy should be a bad guy, damnit.) But the stuff with Siler and the Wonder Twons has been dreck, and could Dr. Souresh be any dumber?

Okay, thinking about it (haven't seen last night's yet), it hs been dreck except for the two things mentioned above. Still not giving up, though. I put up with the crap that was season two of Lost before it got good again, I may as well stick this out. At least until strike takes full hold.

(Also, I suffered through seasons six and seven of Buffy, so I can definitely take a third of a season of crap from Heroes. If it gets to two thirds of a season, I'll have to reconsider....)