02 October 2007

Word of the Day (Rhyming Assaults Edition)

I'm giving into the goofy irresistibleness of the Daily Mail and just turn this into a daily Daily Mail feature. Today we have a granny assaulting her partner over a piece of pork. There's something fishy about this story, maybe it's a case of overzealous prosecutors insisting on following the letter of the law even though the injured party would have preferred no charges brought. Or it's an abusive woman who injured her partner a bit more than she intended. The tone of the piece is to suggest it's all a goof and a mistake, but it's hard to imagine that a man doing the same thing would have avoided jail time.

(and if the woman pictured is really only 45, then she's certainly hasn't been following Annie Lennox's sensible health and beauty tips, that's for sure)

And the rhyming assault, wasn't actually a rhyming assault, but the headline writer of the Daily Mail used the facts of the case to come up with the clever little rhyme. Pays to go to college, I guess, that headline writer probably graduated from Cambridge or Oxford, I'd wager.

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Pastor_Jeff said...

"The court heard the couple were due to meet for a drink at a pub in Hull, but she failed to turn up and Mr Donkin went home to their flat in Dagger Lane."

It writes itself!