03 October 2007

Word of the Day (Dog Catcher Edition)

Wow. Just wow. Just go ahead and make the stuff illegal then. A first offense fine of £260 (that's $530.77) seems pretty crazy. Wonder what truck drivers (I refuse to call him a lorry driver) make over there? Probably cost him a few days pay for that one cigarette.

Not to be left out of the anti-smoking hysteria, the fine city of Calabasas bans indoor smoking, bans outdoor smoking in public areas, they even ban smoking on your own patio if it's too close to public areas, they're proud of themselves over this draconian infringement on personal rights.

My hometown of Santa Monica is virulently anti-smoking as well, though, that's caused some friction with the city's "compassionate" attitude towards homelessness.

Back to the Daily Mail article, my favorite part is that he was caught by the "council dog warden". Their job is to protect citizens from mad dogs and smoking Englishmen, I guess.

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