18 October 2007

Planet Killer of the Month, (Possibly Year)

I nominate Jimmy Kimmel for Planet Killer of the Month.

He's filling in for Regis on Live with Regis and Kelly in NYC next week, but he's not taking any time off from his other job as host of Jimmy Kimmel Live from Hollywood, CA.

He's flying back and forth twice daily the whole week. Ten transcontinental flights in one week. He'll make the baby Goracle cry salty tears.

I'm in awe. His carbon footprint for that week will be off the chart.

I don't normally watch Live with Regis and Kelly, but I'll be watching that week (or maybe not watch, but at least I'll record it and fast forward through most of it).

Bravo, Jimmy, keep up the good work.

I doubt he's flying commercial (he can't afford getting delayed and dealing with all that, it'd be a lot easier to fly in and out of regional airports capable of handling private jets like Teterboro Airport and Santa Monica Airport), so if he's Gulfstreaming it ten times in one week on the Disney Corporate jet, that's even better.

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