04 October 2007

Mildly Amusing Moments In Other Blogs' Comment Sections (An Irregular Feature)

Bill at So Quoted posted about the similarity in appearance between Nosferatu and Truett Cathy, the subtitle of the post was, "Wherein pretty slim pickings lately".

Well, being who I am, that lead to this speculative comment:
Why don't vampyr ever look like Slim Pickens?

Ain't one dem vampeeers ever get the hankering for a southern good ol' boy before?

(I'm just seeing a new comedy/horror movie starring Larry the Cable Guy, Foxworthy, and Udo Kier as the effete Eurotrashy vampire who turned a couple of good ol' boys into vampires after a moonshine fueled bender, expect much mayhem and hilarity to ensue...)

Being who he is, Bill responded:
It's "Interview with a Vampire" crossed with "Deliverance."

I think we could sell that.

Still being who I am (and that's all I can ever be), I responded to his response:
Co-directed by Spike Jonze and Sofia Coppola (sure those crazy kids ended their marriage, but that doesn't mean they can't make a film together, and then somebody could film a documentary of the backstage tensions of making the film, also).

(and yes, I'm really, really, really, looking forward to Spike's next film)

Well it amused me. So there. I started calling this "great moments...", but upon further reflection have since downgraded to "mildly amusing...", trying to keep the bar set high.

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bill said...

Calling it "great moments" would've been just a wee bit sad.