01 October 2007

Levels of Losing 2.0

My nemesis (again, not really, but if I say it enough times, maybe I'll annoy him to the point where he links one of my posts, or even better, gets me invited over to Jimmy Kimmel's house for those legendary Sunday football watching sessions) Bill Simmons has revised his Levels of Losing to include the epic NY Mets collapse just completed. It's a good article, especially painful if you are a Boston based sports fan (luckily, I'm not).

The Mets accomplished something historic, that should give their fans something to be proud of, in a way. In time, they'll come to appreciate how amazing the 2007 Mets were.

Simmons does a nice job of giving the 'best example' of each level and a 'personal example' from the perspective of a die hard Boston guy. Given that I'm an L.A. native, I could try and think of local examples to illustrate each of his 16 levels of losing (heavy on the Lakers, with some Dodgers, Angels, and ancient Rams and Raiders memories thrown in), but I'm lazy, and his examples will do.

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