05 October 2007

An Insidious Conspiracy With Which to Ensure a Victory by Sen. Clinton in November 2008

The Democratic primaries and caucuses are already over before they even began. Sen. Clinton has won, and her opponents are behaving as if they are already campaigning for her by making dumb mistakes that can only help voters' perception of her (Obama's flag pin nonsense as one recent example).

Have Sen. Edwards (or at least his wife) and Sen. Obama (and definitely his wife) been running in support of Sen. Clinton all along? Has this been as real as WWE Wrestling? I don't know the answer, but I feel the answer, and I feel that the dems have been working to get Hillary elected since about 2005.

But they have one big problem, Sen. Clinton doesn't have a penis. That lack does matter, and it will put an effective ceiling on the amount of support she can garner in the general election (she will poll 5-10 points better than the actual votes she'll get). To think otherwise is to ignore how people really think and act. It's not a bar to the election of senators, congresscritters, or even governors, but the electorate views the presidency differently (and rightly so), and I don't see as many people convinced in their heart of hearts that Hillary would make a good Commander in Chief as the polls will suggest. Any woman would have a problem, not just Hillary, but the right kind of woman would be able to overcome that prejudice. Hillary's not that woman, though. Too much baggage, too many statements that would give security minded voters pause, and she will have trouble looking tougher on those issues than any of the potential GOP candidates.

So what should the Dems do about it? Depress the turn out, of course. They need to do everything they can to tilt who shows up to the polls on Nov 4th, 2008 in their favor. One of the constituencies that will be most likely to hesitate to pull the lever in favor of Sen. Clinton will be single men ages 18-44. They may not vote in huge percentage, but they vote enough that they can influence close states all across the country. They also vote in higher percentages than their single women counterparts (young single women are the least likely demographic to bother to vote, or be politically engaged). I don't think Hillary will engage enough single women to drive first time voters to the polls to counteract the voters that will form a visceral dislike to her style and the thought of putting her in charge of the military (especially when they are comparing her to Giuliani or Thompson).

With that in mind, the Dems need to figure out a way to give the men ages 18-44 who might otherwise bother voting something else to do on Nov 4th, 2008. They need to convince Rockstar Games to push back the release of GTA IV to Nov 3rd, and convince Microsoft to rush development of Halo 4 and get that to market the same day (nobody's talking about a Halo 4, but given the huge success of 3, it's only a matter of time). If both those games came out that Monday, there wouldn't be a man in that demographic who would be able to tear himself away from his game console long enough to get to the polls. If the Dems can manage to get the software publishers to help Hillary out in this way, they'll win in an electoral landslide.


Icepick said...

Sen. Clinton doesn't have a penis.

Oh yes she does. She even named it. She calls it "Bill".

Roger Green said...

Hillary will win if the Republicans pick Rudy, because the conservatives will go elsewhere or sit home.