01 October 2007

Word of the Day (British Dhimmitude Edition)

If any story is worth bringing back my daily Gobsmacking, that one is. Here's a quote that should sum up the attitude of all folks, Muslim and non-Muslim alike with regards to this nonsense
Inayat Bunglawala, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "By selling alcohol you are not committing a sin. You are just doing the job you are paid for.

(I pulled out that quote cause, firstly, it's very sensible, and secondly I just wanted to direct your attention to the musical loveliness that is the name Inayat Bunglawala)

It's not necessary for Islam to be the religion of perpetual outrage, and it's not anywhere in the Qu'ran that you must avoid all contact with things prohibited, but there are extremists out there who hold too much influence over too many adherents to that faith that are driving these petty displays of rectitude. Giving in to these little displays invariably leads to larger demands and concessions to piety.

The truly pious live their lives piously, even amongst the iniquities around them, if you can't maintain your piety while surrounded by the unfaithful, it's your faith that needs strengthening and examining, not de-secularizing the society around you.

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