16 September 2007

There Will Always Be a Britain?

Another data point (or anecdote) to suggest that criminality is a bigger problem in London than it should be based on their current prosperity.

Interesting to see the gist of the article being that this is a political embarrassment rather than just a violent property crime. DC isn't exactly a crime free city, yet I don't recall too many feds in major positions being attacked.

I get the feeling that this might be a by-product of a permissive culture towards petty crime. When petty criminals see that punishment isn't forthcoming, they tend to realize that a life of crime isn't just a 'make do' lifestyle, but rewarding, profitable, and small crimes are good, but bigger crimes are better.

a culture that prohibits good people from arming themselves, and punishes them when they defend themselves is destined to tilt the playing field in favor of thugs.

Seems like a political party that started pushing a Rudy Giuliani "broken windows" style reform package in Great Britain might gain traction.

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