14 September 2007

Sure, I Hate Hippies . . .

. . . but who doesn't love a (slightly NSFW in a Le déjeuner sur l'herbe sort of way) naked Hippie Chick?

(with the caveat that she not be too old (Sienna Miller is only 25), not too hairy (no strands of armpit hair can be seen in photo, which is always a relief, though probably not period accurate), and pleasingly curvy (which due to a strict director mandated regimen of less exercise Sienna has a nicely curving bum in these pics), needless to say there's no way in hell that I'll watch the film Hippie Hippie Shake, even with a naked Sienna Miller in it, dewy-nostalgia for that awful scene makes me sick)

The film Hippie Hippie Shake is based on the memoirs of Richard Neville, an Australian rabble rouser who, judging from his website, is still stuck back in the 60s. Everybody is getting a serious aesthetic upgrade in this pic, I mean, really, Cillian Murphy as Richard Neville, and Emma Booth as Germaine Greer?

According to the wiki on Oz magazine, the film is centered around the British obscenity trial over an issue of Oz that mashed-up Rupert the Bear with explicit cartoons by R. Crumb.

No doubt a 'the man was keeping us down, man' movie, with lots of actors playing famous people in bit parts. These type of films tend to become self-congratulatory wankfests (to borrow a Britishism), and should be avoided at all costs.


Pastor_Jeff said...


Are you okay? First Hillary, now this.

You're the one who inspired me to release my inner hippie-hater.

You know, you're my friend, but if you've been compromised I won't hesitate to take you out. I'd expect the same from you.

XWL said...

My love of young, attractively curved, women willing to pose in a fetching manner while naked overwhelms my disdain at hippiedom.

It's sort of a hate the sin, love the sinner sort of situation, hate the hippie ideology, love the hot chicks displaying their flesh, even if that display is hippie inspired.

I blame evolutionary biology.