04 June 2007

That Was Then, This Is Now . . .

Lileks, in his bleatings, posted the above photograph. He focused on the mysterious hatted gentleman standing on the building's roof.

I'm focused on the big fat 600,000 SUNDAY CIRCULATION sign.

Out of curiousity I checked wikipedia, and they show current Sunday circulation for the Minneapolis Star Tribune (as reported in this PDF) of 574,406.


But, then the population for the city of Minneapolis was over 500,000, and it's less than 400,000 now.
The suburbs surrounding Minneapolis have grown quite a bit, so all those folks haven't fled for better climate, and the area the paper serves targets more people, so as a percentage of the demographic the paper's penetration looks pretty meek compared to what it was 60 years ago.
That's the case for most every daily that was around back then as well, I would guess.

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Ruth Anne Adams said...

It also goes a long way to explaining their boneheaded move of canning Lilek's column.