01 May 2007

Word of the Day

My theory regarding Robert Horry is that he is a voodoo priest. During the last five minutes of key playoff games, he calls down the spirit of Pete Maravich and uses those shooting skills when needed.

Of course this comes at a high cost, which is why he's a seemingly mediocre player the rest of the time, and acts as if he's in his mid-50s rather than mid-30s.

His legend grows.

He presents a difficult conundrum for folks who get to vote for the Hall of Fame. His stats don't justify consideration, but he's collected a series of moments and has been a contributor on some amazing teams, and he holds some important playoff records (2nd most games played, most 3 point shots made, 6 rings with 3 teams). He'll get votes, he should at least have a little exhibit, even if he's not a hall of fame level player, he continues to have a noteworthy career.

(of course, what's really gobsmacking is that I'm a year older than him)

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