09 May 2007

Word of the Day (The Internet DATA Movie Cousin Edition)

Hmmmm, Victorian era German erotica, I would imagine lots of "Stark", "Schneller", and "Tiefer", but then that holds for every era and every language I suppose.

Also, there are worse ways for a library to make money. Offering a recording of passages is probably better than allowing afterhours filming of similar diversions (bodily fluids and books don't mix, at least I hope they don't mix in any library I frequent)

This post's title, by the way, comes courtesy babelfish which translated imdb as "The Internet DATA Movie Cousin", Anne Bennent didn't show up on the English wiki, but she has a short page in German, which I sent through babelfish, and hilarity ensued.

(and no offense meant towards Frau Bennent, but any desired effect of her reading would likely be thwarted if one kept this image in mind)

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