03 May 2007

Watching the Rally in the Valley

From the Reagan Library in Simi Valley a few quick observations.

The Democrats made a huge mistake in refusing to have a debate hosted by FNC. Having Chris Matthews host the Republican debate has been good for the Republicans collectively (at least so far).

Having a hostile host (and Matthews so far has been much more antagonistic than Brian Williams was towards the Democrats) helps sharpen the message being delivered and allows the GOP candidates to shine.

Debates should be adversarial, if these candidates aren't going to debate each other directly (and there's too many to make that feasible), then it's helpful to have a surrogate adversary in the host.

Other quick impressions, McCain seems even crankier than usual, maybe he saw all the good press Sen. Gravel got and was jealous.

All the candidates who answered the question on Iraq did so in a strong and defensible manner. Gov. Romney and Mayor Giuliani did so especially well. The others fall into the background (Rep. Paul excepted), but they definitely stand out.

Another impression, Republicans really do like America as it is much better than Democrats do (and that's not just about the current office holder, it goes much deeper than that).

Giuliani answered the Roe v Wade answer well (and most correctly).

Rep. Hunter turned a question about having to moderate to get elected into an answer all about the border fence. Probably a smart move, maybe not.

Giuliani went back to the moderate question and pushed his message of effective leadership well.

Wow, again, the camera does not love Sen. McCain (and he's too rambly).

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