05 May 2007

Things I've Been Doing, But Not Blogging About

Saw Spidey 3 on the 12:01 showing Thursday night. Liked it. Emo hair and a hint of eye-liner is the new goatee. Also, I loved all the musical theatre touches in the film and broadly played melodrama. In many ways this was the episode in the franchise truest to its comic book roots. Furthermore, it's easy to take for granted what you're seeing since CGI effects are so common, but this film is incredibly gorgeous and the Flint Marko into Sandman sequence is worth the price of admission alone.

Went to Hollywood Park to watch and wager on the Kentucky Derby. I had the 8 horse to win. D'oh! I knew I was in trouble at the first turn when the jockey was standing up trying to get his horse to rate, and the horse just wouldn't slow down. It was a great ride just to have enough left to finish second. Luckily one of my many bets included an exacta box with the 7 horse. Woohoo! Paid $101.80 per 2 dollars bet. If it had been an 8-7 finish instead of 7-8 my woohoo! would have been more like WOOHOO!!!, oh well.

Grabbed my camera, but the place didn't seem very photogenic this trip. Wasn't all that crowded, the live races weren't very interesting, and horse racing isn't the Sport of Kings anymore (even if the Queen of England showed up at the Kentucky Derby for the first time).

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