10 May 2007

Just Cause I Feel Like Embedding Some Stuff, Here It Is

Yes, her faux English accent is gobsmackingly bad, but that makes the video all the sweeter. And who can argue with what she says, "I'll tell you what, we all need to take a moment and pause, and re-listen to Rupert Holmes 'The Pina Colada Song' aka 'Escape', because not only is Rupert a brilliant poet, but I truly believe that in that song is the message that we're all looking for . . ."

(and how do the hell does she even know about this song? She wasn't even born yet when it was released)

1 comment:

reader_iam said...

Did you know that if you click this video and the one just beneath it, the way they play together and over each other sorta, kinda works?

Well, in my time I've certainly heard worse, anyway.