26 April 2007

White Flag Fever

Watching the "Debate" between Democratic Presidential candidates. Each candidate seems determined to wave a white flag and the only competition is between which candidate can wave the flag fastest and raise it highest.

If only there were more diplomacy is the frequent refrain followed by a desire to leave Iraqis to Iraqis and let the chips fall where they may (cause that worked out so well in Southeast Asia in the 70s and 80s).

Disgusting. Beyond disgusting. Sen. Gravel is winning the outrage over Iraq battle, so far.

I hope there are a dozen more debates like this, there's no way a Democratic candidate would get elected with many more performances like this.

And remind me why again this couldn't have been on FNC?


Ooohhhh, I'm watching the "Free Ponies" section 'aka' National Healthcare section. Hillary mentions Hillarycare, "I'm ready to try again", woohoo! Did I mention Free Ponies!! And it won't cost a thing!!!


After seeing Rep. Dennis Kucinich's long limbed, red haired and very young wife, I have new and profound respect for the man.

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