16 April 2007


They're talking about me, but I don't know what they're saying. The 'they' in this case are the Bo Bice fans posting at this thread at BoBice.com.

You need to register to see the thread, but the only reason for me to register would be to know what they're saying.

So, i'll just skip it, not register, and wonder.

My only reason to register would be vanity, not cause I need to know more about Bo Bice or fuel my growing devotion to his musical prowess. Not that there's anything wrong with being a Bo Bice fan, I'm just not a 'fan club' kind of guy.

But if you are a registered member of that Bo Bice fansite, treat me kindly, I did say he was the only penis-ful guy to make the final two in any of the Idol seasons, afterall.

The other fansite that noticed my Idol thoughts does let you view comments without registering, and surprisingly folks over there figured out what I was trying to say, and agreed with me.

Strange world, this.


Diane said...

Wer are being very nice to you! :)

sally said...

Everyone loves you :) We all understand what you were saying - BELIEVE ME! LOL!!! Oh boy do we understand *sigh* .. where was I? Oh yes, Bo ... *sigh*

Bo sometimes pops on the fan club site and he was reading that thread the other day. He had no comment. LOL.

bill said...

Mmmm, groupies.

sally said...

Bill, interesting that female fans are automatically 'groupies.' A tad sexist don't you think? We actually can enjoy looking, listening and dancing without also trailing the band around offering sex.

bill said...

Except, Sally, it didn't even register with me that the two previous comments were traditional female names. Nor was I specifically addressing those two comments, but instead was meant as a general comment about a community of people centered around a singer. A group that I assume would be filled with more than one gender and sexual orientation. A group where "groupie" means nothing more than an almost obsessive interest in a sing and while this interest is slightly uncomfortable it is not necessarily sexual in nature.

So, sally, if you can holster your outrage for a moment and grab hold of the sexual imagery that is obviously leaking out of you, please and kindly go fuck yourself.