13 April 2007

Stories You Don't Expect To Be Followed In Communist China

This is really news in Communist China?!?

(and I love Luke's joke about his father that caps the story)

And just to squelch any rumors right now, I'm also NOT dating Britney Spears.

Slightly crazy female artists of recent vintage I would date are as follows

Mariah Carey (since she went crazy, she's been really, really hot)
Fiona Apple (kind of too young, kind of too thin, kind of too intense, but also kind of really compelling)
Meshell NdegeOcello (if she ever swings towards men again, I'd hope to be the guy she swings with)
Kylie Minogue (does liking her music and finding her really sexy make me kind of gay?)
Alanis Morrisette (wouldn't have been on the list if it wasn't for her Humps video)

Less recent vintage female artists, that nevertheless still compel

Sheila E (she can be my "minister" of love, anytime she wants)
Chrissy Hynde (I couldn't handle her, but one can dream)
Paula Abdul (never liked her music, but hey, ex-Laker girl)
Annabella Lwin (My first and strongest fantasy crush, still a sucker for a woman with a mohawk)
Marie Osmond (She's single again, but the whole doll thing scares me)


bill said...

Whatever happened to Annabella? I think I prefer not to know.

bill said...

Before we married I told my [now wife] that if PJ Harvey ever called, I was out of there.

Icepick said...

What, no mention of Minnie Driver?

bill said...

Minner Driver is pretty good on "The Riches."