20 April 2007

Just Cause You're A Criminal Mastermind Doesn't Mean You Can't Be Incredibly Stupid

Propane + High Wattage Lighting = Inevitable Results

A more serious discussion about the seeming proliferation of these suburban 'grow houses' would seem to be in order. Most pot users with access to even a small garden or window planter could grow a significant amount of their personal supply on their own land using good old fashioned solar power. Instead you have criminals buying houses in the suburbs and either stealing electricity off the grid (either from neigbhors or straight off the powerlines, either way, extremely dangerous), or as seems possible from the above story, using propane generators to power lights so as not to tip off law enforcement about their facilities.

Criminalizing pot has only profited criminals, and made everyone else less safe in the process.

Besides that, these hydroponic facilities must have grotesque 'carbon footprints' compared to what similarly sized operations of pot being grown in open fields would have.

So legalize weed, not only to take money away from criminals, not only to make neighborhoods safer, not only cause marijuana sales could add to the government's coffers instead of draining them, but do it for the planet.

Legal weed would be 'greener' weed, and 'greener' is alwasy better, right?


The irony of doing a pot story on 4/20 is completely lost on me.

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