16 April 2007

It Will Be So Nice To Watch The Lakers Bounce These Fools In the First Round

Looks like the Lakers v Suns first round rematch is nearly locked in place.

Going to be a fun series. If all the Lakers play well, they can do plenty of damage to a Phoenix team with a shallow bench. It will take more than Kobe scoring 50+ in each game for the Lakers to prevail.

Andrew Bynum is going to have to yank himself out of this late season funk that he's been in. He's young, hopefully his first playoff as a major contributor will wake him up. Also Kwame Brown will need to ignore his gimpiness and contribute again like he did early in the season. Finally, Any combination of Vujacic, Parker and Farmar are going to have to hit their uncontested 3 pointers at a 35-40% connect rate throughout the series for the Lakers to have a chance.

If all those unlikely events combine in four of the games, the Lakers will prevail, if not, it will be another early summer for the Lakers.

Hope springs eternal in Laker land, it's gonna happen I tell ya, it has to happen, losing Phoenix in the first round will suck for ABC/TNT, but gaining Kobe for an extra round or two will be ratings gold (even though Detroit and Dallas have the best records in their respective conferences wrapped up, the current picture for TNT's playoff coverage has Kobe, Nash and LeBron featured). If the Lakers can steal either (or both) of the first two games in Phoenix, the rest of the series will be watched by all the Laker lovers and Laker haters across the country.

I'll save full playoff predictions for when the playoff match-ups are definitely set.

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