25 April 2007

Hot Asian Cheerleader Video

There, let's see my sitemeter go through the roof with folks searching for the words in this post's title.

Will that inevitable horde of men be pleased or disappointed after watching the above Vent?

Michelle Malkin knows how to tweak her critics, I'll give her that.

Instapundit also has some links to, and comments about analysis, about how the war is going, and how it will be presented by those in Congress and the Media.

Success is not an option, so long as Pres. Bush is in office, and there are those who will do everything in their power to make sure defeat becomes reality (or at least the perception of defeat becomes pervasive).

There comes a point when opposition isn't just offering a different set of policy choices, but actively rooting for the other side.

(and a request for Michelle, looks like this was shot with an HD camcorder, can you upload a bittorrent of the piece in its original definition, only cause the 'politics' will come through much better in full resolution)

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