16 April 2007

Finetune, Newest Blog Feature

While perusing Lileks latest, he mentions finetune.com. This is good stuff. I've signed up, put together my first rather random playlist of 45 hand picked songs, and embedded them up top on the right hand sidebar.

Now you can let me be your DJ.

You could do worse. The list on the sidebar will change, but the link below should always point to this first playlist.

There's only one song by each artist (with one Funky exception) and this playlist has Bangles, Jimmy Witherspoon, William Shatner, Love, Prince, David Sylvian, Bo Bice, Fishbone, Bauhaus, The Monkees, Faith No More, Aretha Franklin, Lily Allen and many, many, more!!!

The songs stream in full, and on the little embedded widget, you can skip or replay tracks as desired (just in case listening to Leonard Nimoy (they mis-identify the artist for that particular classic as the other guy) singing about Bilbo Baggins gets too much for you, or if you have to hear that again and again just to convince yourself that it's not some sort of auditory hallucination).

There are some restrictions on what you can do. Playlists must be at least 45 songs long and no single artist can have more than 3 songs. Also, you can only skip so many songs on a playlist while it's playing. Can't let you have too much control, the RIAA might get mad, afterall.

(oh, and sorry Lileks, my playlist kicks your playlist's ass, assuming playlists have asses, presumably they have no need for such things as they don't have digestive tracks, or ever need to sit, but that aside, working off the assumption that our respective playlists both have asses, my playlist would indeed plant its non-existent foot up your playlists non-existent rear)


OK, already came up with a second playlist, this one is Just Chicks.


bill said...

I'll have to look at it this evening as my daytime location filters out stuff like this--no internet radio, no youtube. Looks interesting, though. Does it play the full song or just clips?

Slowly building my list at the vox.

XWL said...

Full songs, though noticing the sound quality varies a bit.

The FAQ explains much (can't direct link though, damn shockwave)