04 April 2007

The End of NMT

So, this whole NMT thing didn't last long. Turns out, listening to music is a lot easier than writing about it. Plus trying to write about an album the same week it comes out, that's not really my style. I like albums to marinate for awhile before forming a solid opinion on them.

But, I still like listening to what's out there, and I like sharing, even if you don't like hearing what I have to share, so I may post random reviews at random times about albums that are brand new, or have been around for awhile.

But here are a few one word reviews for recent releases (two of which were NMT that were never finished, the third would have been last week's NMT, and the last would have been this week's NMT).

Arcade Fire, Neon Bible --- Pretentious

The Feeling, Twelve Stops and Home --- Funtastic!

Mika, Life in Cartoon Motion --- Glamtastic!

Hillary Duff, Dignity --- Surprisinglyuncrappytastic!

(yes, I stretched the definition of "one word" beyond its breaking point)

Of albums I've reviewed, Lily Allen, Lucinda Williams and The Feeling are the only ones that have stayed in heavy rotation on my personal listening space.

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