29 March 2007

Whatever Happened to Name, Rank, Serial Number?

BBC analyzes the current crisis between the UK and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Maybe this will be the turning point where folks around the globe realize that we aren't the bad guys.

Here's hoping.

Pres. Ahmadinejad is evil, the Mullahs are evil, the Iranian people do not deserve to be mistreated the way they have been by this gross perversion of a government that has ruled over them since their 'revolution'. Despotic regimes eventually fail, they always do, unfortunately they are often replaced by other despots, and generate misery for their populace in the process. One of the key ways to make their populace forget their misery is to manufacture conflict with an outside force.

The current regime in Iran is in serious trouble, and there are signs that a real revolution may happen sooner than later. Of course, it has to be sooner than when it can be reasonably inferred that they are truly capable of producing their own nuclear weapons, cause that's something that in no way shape or form can be considered acceptable so long as they are run by religious zealots whose stated goal is the elimination of another nation and all its people. Iran isn't run just by Holocaust Deniers, but Holocaust Enviers, and that's sick as well as dangerous.
And, this post (by Guest Poster, Terra, Sol, the post's title which I pay homage 'aka' steal, with my own) at Samizdata, doesn't think much of how the captured personnel have acquitted themselves so far.

Also, maybe the crazed cowboy reputation that our nation has achieved may not be such a bad thing.

Judging by the majority of comments left at the above linked BBC article, a surprising number of Brits wish for their nation to 'cowboy up' on this one.

One simple solution would be to show the Iranians the true value of having your very own nuclear weapons (which despite all the EU togetherness, both France and Britain maintain their own separate nuclear arsenals), and making sure in the process that Iran is set back decades from that goal of getting some of their own. A nuclear armed British sub being spotted in the eastern part of the Black Sea may not be such a bad idea (so long as the Russians are given fair warning).

The threats of minor bullies must be met not with stern words, but with bigger threats backed by real actions.

Prime Minister Thatcher understood this when provoked by Argentina, Prime Minister Blair seemed to have understood this earlier in his tenure, but has lately gotten a bit wobbly.

If the message boards at places like the BBC are an indica, then the British people are ready to be less wobbly once again.

Hopefully, The Iranian people will see where this path will lead and murder the Mullahs for us. Kill them now, or be killed by them later (either directly, or in a suicidal war Iran can't win), the choice is theirs.

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Icepick said...

The threats of minor bullies must be met not with stern words, but with bigger threats backed by real actions.

Forget making counter threats. Just ball up your fist and knock 'em upside the head. That's how Sheriff Taylor kept Aunt Bea in line, so we know it will work.