08 March 2007

Sen. Edwards Is A Vapid, Preening, Pretty-Boy (with Great Hair), Who Is Skipping the Debate Due to a Lack of Ideas . . .,

. . . but he's using Fox News participation in said debate as an excuse.

If all the other candidates show up, how is his 'standing up' against Fox News really going to accomplish anything?

And why are folks worrying about this debate crap in early March, anyway?

I say debates shouldn't be between candidates. Instead, send your policy wonks to have a 'wonk off'. Have seperate 'wonk offs' for each policy area. An added bonus is that this 'wonk off' would expose which 'wonkers' a candidate would most likely nominate for key cabinet position.

I'd prefer seeing a bunch of 'wonkers' discussing real policy issues rather than the 'wankers' (aka candidates), talk about stuff that they barely understand and only are able to speak about because of cram sessions with their team of 'wonks'. Plus if an especially 'wonky' candidate decided to go it alone and show up to all of the events as his or her own 'expert', I think that would be excellent information for folks to form an opinion about said candidate (both positively and negatively).

Also, by demanding that a news service Edwards deems biased against 'progressives' stay away from hosting a Democratic Party debate, isn't he tacitly admiting that most of the other news outlets are biased towards 'progressives'?

(hat tip Drudge)

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