06 March 2007

Scary Thought For The Day

Given the assumption that the Democratic Party is the "Home Team" for most journalist. What's with the schizophrenic treatment of the two Presidential Nominee front runners?

(Drudge FLASH on a hit piece aimed at Obama coming soon from NYT, which had been Obama-Lovin' Central until now)

Reading the actual article, it seems like they have to stretch pretty far to make everything sound as shady and tawdry as possible. It doesn't sound like any influence was peddled, or favors cashed in, but there does seem to be a hint of quids and pros and quos going on.

Is this a sign that there are opposing camps within newsrooms? Is it like Iraq, with Sunni (Hilary) and Shi'a (Obama) neighborhoods, with an enclave of Kurds, too (Edwards)?

The amount of damage they're inflicting will come back to haunt them. Once the primaries are over, they'll have to turn around and pretend that whichever Democratic candidate walks away with the prize was perfect all along (ignore all those hit pieces from before).

That's not the scary part, the scary part is that the one big time Democrat who continues to be coddled by the MSM without nary a story about certain inherent contradiction and inconvenient truths is THE GORACLE.

Might it be possible that they are chopping down all the candidates to force THE GORACLE to step forward and save the country from having to do the unthinkable (from the MSM standpoint), and elect a Republican . . .

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