18 March 2007

Resulting Madness Round 2 Edition

More mad results, I predicted 5 PAC-10 teams in the Sweet 16, only 3 made it (but it took 2OT to knock Washington State out).

My Sweet 16 predictions were like this

Arizona v Maryland
Oregon v UNLV
Kansas v SIU
UCLA v Pittsburgh
Texas Tech v Washington St
Ohio St v Long Beach St
Louisville v Memphis

The actual Sweet 16 looks like this:

Florida v Butler
Oregon v UNLV
Kansas v SIU
UCLA v Pittsburgh
Vanderbilt v Georgetown
Ohio St v Tennessee
Texas A&M v Memphis

The highest seeded team advancing is 7th seeded UNLV. All the 1 seeds, three of the 2 seeds, and three 3 seeds have advanced.

If I were allowed to repick my picks at this point, my predictions for the rest of the tournament is as follows

Florida over Butler
Oregon over UNLV
Regional Final Oregon over Florida

Kansas over SIU
UCLA over Pittsburgh
Regional Final UCLA over Kansas

USC over UNC
Georgetown over Vanderbilt
Regional Final USC over Georgetown

Tennessee over Ohio St
Memphis over Texas A&M
Regional Final Tennessee over Memphis

That's right, the NCAA Final Four is going to look like a PAC-10 Tournament semi-final.

UCLA will beat Oregon and USC will beat Tennessee leading to an unexpected crosstown rival Championship game.

USC will continue their string of upsets and win the National Championship


Dr. Fallon said...

Read more here.

Edwards : Poverty Causes Terrorism

Let's end it.

Edwards isn't going nearly far enough with this proposal, but it's the first sensible rhetoric I've heard from a candidate for President of the United States in a long, long time.

Seeking to link poverty in other countries to the United States’ national security, Edwards argued that militant extremists in nations torn apart by poverty and civil war have replaced government educational systems and are teaching young people to hate the United States.

"When you understand that, it suddenly becomes clear: Global poverty is not just a moral issue for the United States – it is a national security issue for the United States," he said at Saint Anselm College.
What he's talking about spending is a pittance and won't do a whole lot to alleviate global poverty or check the spread of anti-American hatred. But it is better than nothing.

Edwards called for spending $3 billion a year to extend primary education to millions of children in developing countries. Combating terrorism should begin in classrooms, not battlefields, he said.

His plan also includes $600 million a year for health care initiatives, including a worldwide summit on clean drinking water and sanitation and a six-fold increase in funding for clean water programs.

Getting to the root of global poverty will require increasing both political and economic opportunities for the poor, he said, at a cost of about $1.4 billion. And it will require one person to oversee those efforts, he said.

You can keep telling yourself -- if you choose -- that the US occupation of Iraq is a "central front in the war on terror." Why Afghanistan was not the central front in the so-called "war on terror" in the eyes of this administration is a puzzle. But then again, so is the fact that a brutal dictator, Pervez Musharraf, is one of our allies. But this war has cost us an average of $100,000,000,000.00 each of the last four years, and we are in greater danger of being the victims of terror attacks now than we were four years ago.

Many on the right will say that Edwards' plan -- or any plan for that matter that has government spending on welfare rather than warfare -- won't work. I say we're crazy if we don't try it. And worse: if we are serious about fighting a war on terror, a real war on real terror, then it would be immoral to ignore global poverty.

Read more here.

XWL said...


I have a clueless lefty totally off topic troll of my very own.

I've officially arrived as a blogger (I guess).

If this Dr. Fallon is at all self aware, he'll realize this is a subtle warning to never post such ridiculously off topic nonsense in my comment section.

You get one for free (this time, just cause your commitment to long discredited Marxist doctrine is so damn cute).

You can comment on anything here, and say most anything, but I will delete most off topic or obviously self promotional posts without warning or pause.

Glad to know the Breck Girl has such committed fellow travellers in his corner.

Icepick said...

Care to reconsider your predictions now that Florida continues to roll?