25 March 2007

More Resulting Madness

Well, my repicks did worse than my original picks.

Icepick likes them Gators, and I can't say that I blame him. But, I think rather than jumping on their bandwagon, I'll ride the UCLA bus all the way to the Championship. The following are my final revision for my far too specific predictions on the rest of this madness.

Funny how two ones and two twos in the Final Four can totally screw up your brackets.

UCLA 64 Florida 58 (Bruins avenge their terrible title performance from last year by playing stiffling defense for 35 minutes, only to let Florida back in the game, but they'll prevail in the end).

Georgetown 84 Ohio State 81 (in OT) (Hoyas use their frontline to contain Oden, and in a tightly contested battle the entire way, prevail on some big time pressure baskets in OT)

setting up a Monday match-up of

UCLA 62 Georgetown 55 (Again, UCLA's defense makes another great offense look terrible, but their own offensive woes keep them from running away with the game. It'll be ugly, but it will be victory, and another championship banner for the Bruins).

But, I will say that USC with their super duper freshmen will be the team to beat in 2008 and will most likely win it all (but no undefeated season, the PAC-10 is too difficult a conference for that to happen).

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Icepick said...

Well, being an alumnus of the University of Florida, I am somewhat biased. Still, I thought UF was the favorite coming into the tournament, and I think they're the favorite going into the Final Four. Therefore, I expect them to lose at some point.

The UCLA game seems the most probable spot for a loss. I have trouble seeing UF losing to Georgetown in the Finals, and Ohio State is a joke. They have to be the worst three loss team in the history of college basketball.

So calling it for UCLA seems like a good decision.