26 March 2007

Monica Goodling Takes My Advice

In the wake of the Libby verdict, I made the following suggestion
From now on, if you know that the charges against you are primarily political in nature, just STFU!!!

Orin Kerr posting at Volokh seems puzzled by this. After all, if nothing was done wrong, why plead the 5th? Libby hadn't done anything wrong either, until the investigation began, and he was proven in court to have answered questions untruthfully. He's a legal scholar, I'm not, so he might be more right than I am on this. But I don't think so. I think the current political climate makes sworn testimony even on innocuous seeming matters tangential to the primary investigation very dangerous.

Perjury traps are the "new black" it would seem.

"Governing While Republican" is now enough of a reason to cast suspicion on any official, so long as the subpoena power rests with the other party.

GWR is the "new DWB".

But, thanks for reading my blog, Monica Goodling, feel free to comment next time you drop by, comments are always welcome.

(unless you came up with the STFU strategy on your own, which is more likely, but just the same, good luck with all this)

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