01 March 2007

A "Green" Luther Must Arise to Denounce The "Goracle"

Seems like the 'carbon offsets' program favored by the environmentally conscious but unwilling to make personal sacrifices crowd fits in with the past practice of indulgences so well, that the antidote to said practice may end up being very similar.

Martin Luther provided his antidote to the hypocrisy he saw, not just because the church was being hypocritical, but because the church was playing fast and loose with the principals at the foundation of Christianity.

Is Papa Viridus Albertus Gore XL the new Pope Leo X?

Will somebody nail a list of demands to the main gate of one of The Goracle's mansions?

If they do, it should look something like this.

  1. Our Great and Green Mother Gaia Has Willed that all her children must Curb Their emissions of the foul Carbon at all costs
  2. Carbon can not be 'offset' through market schemes, all of Gaia's children must reduce, reuse, and recycle every last bit of substance that passes through their lives
  3. Yet, carbon reduction can not only be an inward manifestation, one must outwardly demand others mortify themselves before Gaia and deny their own flesh
  4. The penalty, the death of the entire planet, will loom as long as people are allowed to do as they will without regard to the consequences for Gaia
  5. The Goracle can not absolve you of your Carbon Sins, only each individual can reduce their own footprint
  6. Gaia loves all, but will also punish all if we do not repent our sins collectively
  7. We can not forgive those from the past their sins, as their actions remain in the atmosphere, but we must not copy those sins
  8. The Goracle is still to be revered, as his pronouncements are correct, just his methods lacking
  9. Ignorant and wicked are those that preach 'greenness' while continuing to consume beyond their measure
  10. Carbon offsets are a form of 'purgatory' for evil doers, but it's a false purgatory produced by greed and a desire for an easy path, there is no easy path for true oneness with Gaia
  11. The Goracle can claim carbon offsets absolve those of responsibility, but Gaia knows that it is a mere market scheme meant to bilk the gullible from their money, and has nothing to do with true greenness
  12. Therefore, those that preach on behalf of offsets are in error, money alone can not absolve folks of their carbon footprint, only through an ascetic denial of earthly pleasures may Gaia be appeased
  13. Only those who have already perfected themselves can be offered absolution, if someone is less than perfectly Green, then their absolution has no meaning
  14. The Goracle does not have special power over the environment, he does not control the laws of nature, the power he and his friends consume is just as dirty and earth destroying as that which anybody consumes
  15. Those that preach contrition to Gaia must also live contrition to Gaia
  16. The highest of officials must live the lives they expect others to live, to do less would be less than Green

That's enough of that, you get the idea already (you didn't really think I'd do 95 of those, did you?).

(read the real thing here)

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