06 March 2007

“First urge will be to rip your clothes off, throw you on the ground and love the hell out of you.”

I'm pretty sure if you desire to do something to the point where you feel compelled to describe it entailing, clothes ripping, ground throwing, and "the hell out of"-ing, the act you are attempting to describe isn't best defined as "love".

She's an astronaut, I think more appropriately something along the order of, "I'm going to ride your 'love rocket' and send us both back into orbit" or some such nonsense. My sentence would be a play on the fact that they are both astronauts, and that at the time the email was sent, he was currently in orbit. I expect better out of our astronauts than email exchanges that would sound dopey and embarrassing coming from horny high schoolers (my replacement suggestion is pretty dopey as well, admittedly).

That one word, love, just seems so out of place with the rest of the sentence quoted in the NYT article on this important national newsworthy story.

Words that I could have accepted in its place,
SCREW (if you insist on not swearing)
SCHTUP (you can't ever go wrong going yiddish)
GRIND (doesn't fit precisely, but dirty enough to not sound too odd)
BALL (still a bit quaint like using the word 'love', but raunchy nevertheless)
BANG (similar to 'ball', but I think slightly higher on the raunchometer)
RIDE (given the rest of the description, 'ride' would be a perfectly acceptable non-swear word to use and still convey the urgency and forcefulness of the message, the idea of being 'ridden' appeals to most men, so ladies, when in doubt, go ahead and "ride 'em cowgirl")

and of course

FUCK (really, that's the only word that fits with the rest of the sentence, context matters, and sometimes you just have to go with what you mean and fuck all the euphemisms, fuck them hard, fuck them like you mean it)

If she really wanted to emphasize her oversized and desperate need for his 'attention', then I think changing the above quote to the following would have suited her purposes better, "First urge will be to rip your clothes off, throw you on the ground and fuck the fuck out of you". By doubling up on the word, "fuck", she'd definitely make him notice, and suggest to him that whatever naked fun they are soon to have would be of the most uninhibited manner. The sentence as she wrote it makes it sound like she'll start of agressive but then lose her nerve and daring at some point during the anticipated liaison. Women who are reluctant to talk dirty properly, also often have hang-ups regarding acting dirty properly (though not always, sometimes the total opposite is true, the one's who can't even say the mildest of euphemisms can be the wonderfully nastiest of freaks, but to be fair to the dirty talking women, I've never been personally disappointed by a woman who could talk dirty well).

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