17 February 2007

A Suggestion for the NBA

Retool the Rookie v. Sophomore contest on All Star Weekend to a Rookie & Sophomore contest.

Instead of splitting up the teams 1st year versus 2nd year, do it by Conference and make it an East v. West affair like the big boys play.

The Sophomores clearly have a huge advantage in experience, and because the Rookies get thumped each year, they are motivated to do some payback on the next crop of Rookies for their own pasting at the hands of the previous crop.

This year's thumping was an historic 155-114 massacre, even by meaningless exhibition game standards, that's pretty embarrassing.

And if I were Phil Jackson, I'd be a little upset by how many minutes Farmar and Bynum played, they seemed like they were on the court far too long.

Also, my money's on Charles, he may be large, but he's also a lot younger than Dick Bavetta (and yes, I'm going to watch this, are you crazy? How could you miss this?). I checked Bodog.com, and the 67 year old Bavetta is the prohibitive favorite, the maximum you can bet is only $100, though. $100 on Bavetta will net you a measly $133, while putting $100 on the Chuckster will get you back $315. That has to be a misprint, right? Makes me (almost) want to open up a Bodog account, risk the wrath of the federal government (Bodog has questionable legal footing to operate in the United States) and put my money on The Round Mound of Getting Up and Down the Court and Beating a 67 Year Old Man in a Foot Race.

UPDATE: 17 FEB 07, 9:09pm

I know I should have placed that $100 bet. Easy money to be made, and I left it to sit. Charles won easily, even crossed the finish line running backwards (and then promptly fell on his round mound of ass). But after catching his breath, during the ceremony offering up the $50,000 check to Boys & Girls Club, Charles proved once again why he's the best personality working in any venue on TV, he offered up this quip, "That's two hands of blackjack".

(the joke was all in the delivery, his timing was perfect)

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