05 February 2007

The Real Governator Wouldn't Propose Ineffectual Half Measures

If Gov. Schwarzenegger is truly serious about augmenting state revenue generation without raising taxes, a little half-measure like easing the rules on Indian Casinos is a half (and half-assed) measure, at best.

Go all the way, Governator.

Legalized gaming in the state of California makes sense. Let cities zone it out of existence if they choose on a local and individual basis, but in leave it up to each jurisdiction. This ridiculous monopoly enjoyed by a minuscule number of "Indians" (most Indian gaming concerns are run by big corporations on behalf of very, very small bands of Indians) serves a narrow number of interests, whereas broader legalized gaming could produce a tremendous windfall at a fairly minor social cost (folks prone to gambling addictions already have ready access to feed their addiction, greater access to legal gaming choices won't change that).

Obviously, Nevadans would fight tooth and nail to prevent this from happening, isn't that reason enough to go ahead and do it?

And while we're legalizing stuff that does do harm to some people while entertaining many more, Marijuana is a huge cash crop in California, and as a legal crop would be even bigger (while generating positive revenue for the state, instead of costing the state money in law enforcement and eradication efforts). Fight the big battle with the Federal government over antiquated drug laws, stand up for states' rights. California has the resources and standing to challenge previous rulings on a federalized drug policy.

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