15 February 2007

I Normally Hate Biopics . . .

. . . and I doubt this upcoming project will change my perception of the genre.

(Girl, you know it's true)

Just to remind you why this is such a bad idea, go ahead and play the clip below.

Also, all you ever need to know about the Grammys, this act received (and had to return) A Best New Artist Grammy in 1990

Predictions for casting, Chris Tucker will play one of these fools.

(The writer/director also wrote Rush Hour 2 and the long delayed Rush Hour 3, as well as the less awful Catch Me If You Can, so I guess that means the other actor will be Leo DiCaprio (that boy can play anybody))

(Perusing Jeff Nathanson's IMDB, he's written two truly awful scripts (Speed 2 and The Terminal), but somehow is listed as the Story credit for Indy IV, that really, really scares me)

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Icepick said...

What should scare you about Indy IV is that George Lucas is involved.