25 February 2007

Have I Run Out of Ideas . . .,

No, not just yet, but I think instead of doing the hard work of thinking and composing those thoughts into coherent units, I'll point to others who have been doing a fine job of it lately.

Callimachus has an excellent and ongoing series regarding post war Germany (I, II, III, IV), and its similarities (and dissimilarities) to our current experiences in Iraq, read it, you'll likely learn something. I don't link to Done With Mirrors often enough, it's not that they both don't have a lot to say, but I assume for some reason that the small set of readers here maintains a one to one relationship with readers over there. If you're picturing a venn diagram (and why wouldn't you be?), I'd be that small dot being utterly consumed by Done With Mirrors' impressive oval.

Speaking of excellent series, Victoria banged out a nice series of posts (start from the bottom, and work your way up (and no, that's not some sort of veiled sexual reference on how to best handle a Brazilian women, though come to think of it, probably not a bad suggestion)) regarding Rio's Carnival. It's an annual event in Rio, and it's an annual event on the blogosphere. It would be preferable to be at the actual Carnival, no doubt, but Victoria's recaps make for a solid second best.

Victor David Hanson revisits his Mexifornia, and finds that he was more prescient than he could have ever imagined back when he wrote it.

If you missed the Oscars, count yourself amongst the lucky. If you want to know what happened, just read the Fug Girls 'liveblog' that they posted for New York Magazine.

Tammy Bruce lets the unnamed anonymous generals mentioned in this Times of London piece have it. There will be a Grant who will step up, if a Grant is what is needed (plus the article makes it seem like the entire US military will rise up and kill Pres. Bush if he orders an attack on Iran, whereas most likely this story is just 4-5 career paper pushers (and partisan Democrats) are trying to embarrass the President). Folks with high level clearance and access to classified documents should refrain from being anonymous sources. I don't care who's president at the time, it's a disgusting, cowardly tactic that is only ever done for political reasons and generally weakens trust and security and I can't remember a single time when it's been an honest and true example of 'whistleblowing'.

Just noticed this resembles a "You Ain't Wrong" post like I used to do back in the day (but without the gimmick).

Speaking of Ain't Wrong, folks who said that 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour was really, really bad, They Ain't Wrong (unwatchable, but the new Malkin/Powers thing, not so bad, and Red Eye is surprisingly not bad, but not quite good just yet).

Now I know why I don't do these posts anymore, it makes more sense to turn something like this into 7 separate posts rather than one. Plus digging up all those links is a pain, I really need to be better about saving permalinks of interesting articles as I read them.


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The above commenter clearly hadn't read this post, and the comment had nothing to do with what I was talking about, I know I left a few comments like that in previous threads, but this one was so purely spamalicious that I couldn't leave it up.

(also, the others had a certain artless charm, whereas this one was a bit too form letter/slick for my taste)