14 February 2007

A Fearless Weather Prediction

February 25th is still 11 days away, but I think I can readily make a prediction for the local temperature that day.

It's going to be cold, historically, cold.

World Savior Al "Manbearpig" Gore will be in town to pick up his Oscar (nearly a foregone conclusion), and as the Gore effect on local temperatures seems to be a true and predictable phenomenon, I'm going to say right now that the all time lowest maximum temperature will be tested for that day.

According to this chart, the coldest high temperature for Feb 25th was recorded in 1937 and was 51 degrees. As far as the lowest minimum temp, you have to go all the way back to 1890 and 35 degrees.

Will both be broken that same day?

My money's on a daytime high of 43 degrees (cause you know, he should have been the 43rd President), and a night time low of 36 degrees, just missing the record.

So let this be a warning to actresses, do not look at that slinky, silky, sheer number, you'll be sorry if you chose something like that for the big day.

And if you do brave the frigid air, at least make sure you have your 'headlight' situation firmly in control.

(unless you want your 'pokies' to stand out, you'll certainly get plenty of coverage should that be the case)

As Al Gore would say, EXCELSIOR!

Suggestion for Tim Blair (or Glenn Reynolds, or Classical Values, or any other site that's made fun of this who get real traffic), a betting pool (for entertainment purposes, naturally) on how cold it will be here in Los Angeles for Oscar night.

UPDATE: 15 FEB 07, 8:43am

Hello Tim Blair readers! Just checked the 10 day forecast for the 90028 zipcode, where the Kodak Theater is located, and the prospects for Gore Related Coldening look grim.

The forecast only goes to Feb 24th, but for that day it's predicted to be 66/46 and sunny.

I still hold out hope for daytime high temps in the 40s, and if there's a 20 degree drop in temps just as Mr. Freeze comes to town, then we'll know his mojo is for real.

(I know our Governor played Mr. Freeze in a really, really awful movie, but for now former Vice President Al Gore is the *real* Mr. Freeze)

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Icepick said...

Gore isn't Mr. Freeze. He's the Cold Miser.