06 February 2007

Famous Person/Politician to English Dictionary

A new feature, my Famous Person/Politician to English Dictionary post.

The first entry shall be " Substance Abuse Rehab"

Meaning: It wasn't my fault, I have a disease, I don't know what I was thinking/saying/doing at the time. It won't happen again. Unless I need to go to rehab again, in which case, this disease is very hard to overcome. Did I mention that I have a disease and you shouldn't hold me responsible for anything I did before this admission?

Latest Famous Person/Politician to use this special meaning for "Rehab", that would be San Francisco's Mayor, Gavin Newsom.

Used to be said of folks that they used Alchohol as a crutch, now folks with public lives seem to use admissions of Alcoholism as a crutch . . .

Of course, the pathologization of every personality quirk, failing, and tendency is a completely different rant all together. . .

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