19 February 2007


The imaginary Fabulous Place Holders album, Post Pending, that I've been enjoying for the past week but didn't create a proper review for (but the imaginary review that I didn't post is brilliant), will shortly be replaced by a review of an actual album that was actually released last week.

It's a good one, too, so check back to that post, and enjoy my insights into some good sounds.

In other blog news, I've decided to recommit myself to the notion of 'proposals', and will try harder to craft a new one on a nearly weekly basis.

It's been too long, and there are still so many problems that require crazy ideas to fix them, so expect to see some in the future on topics as diverse as the Venezuelan economy, PS3 marketing, the presidential primary season, the best methods for removing navel lint, the proper use of the US Navy, and global warming (some of those might be fake, afterall there's nothing that needs to be fixed in the Venezuelan economy that Chavez isn't already doing, right?)

I'm still open to others sending in their own 'proposals' which I will add to my own list, but that's probably wishful thinking until I build significant traffic.

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